Doug MacDonald, owner of Positive Sport Psych.


“Probably the only sustainable advantage we have is the ability to learn faster than the opposition”


Doug’s passion is for developing people through understanding how they learn and then working on how we can accelerate that learning process.  He has two areas of specialty and particular interest; the first is working with young, developing athletes and the second is working with coaches in helping them to create and develop their coaching environment.  Doug has worked extensively with elite athletes, performance coaches and national governing bodies.

Doug has an MA(Hons) in Psychology with French, a Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology and is completing a PhD in developmental Sport Psychology.


The range of sports he works with is always growing and has included: rugby, tennis, rowing, badminton, fencing, athletics, cycling, hockey, snooker, gymnastics, golf, triathlon, lacrosse, superbikes and football.  He is a competing GB age-group triathlete and rowing coach in his spare time.