The Boatrace 2011 – Coxswains; the on-board Sport Psychologist?

So taking a move away from the world of professional Rugby, I wanted to take a look at the world of inter-varsity Rowing.  As an oarsman I always look forward to the spectacle of the biggest grudge match in competitive Rowing on the Thames every March.  There was much speculation about favourites and underdogs . . . → Read More: The Boatrace 2011 – Coxswains; the on-board Sport Psychologist?

Overcoming your demons?

It is with a touch of sadness that I write this last blog of the 2011 6 nations tournament.  While the standard of rugby was not always outstanding, it entertained throughout and was never predictable.  Most importantly, super Saturday was billed as having the potential for upsets and it certainly didn’t disappoint…

. . . → Read More: Overcoming your demons?

What can one man do?

Well this weekend’s 6 nations was one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen.  If such a thing as a script for matches exists, then this weekend was pure improv!  France against Italy was supposed to be a walkover for the French, Ireland against Wales was supposed to be close but not . . . → Read More: What can one man do?