These are on a one-to-one basis, where we work together as part of a coaching/mentoring relationship.  Our approach aims to fulfil two critical needs, firstly to support and secondly to positively challenge.  It is through this careful balance of those two needs that we are able to work together to support you to reflect on your practice and generate powerful insights. In the first session we conduct a needs-analysis to assess how and if we can help you.  We strive to work to the highest possible ethical standards so we will never engage in a working alliance where we feel that there are no real problems or that we are unable to help.  The first session is always free so it will cost you nothing to get in touch.   We can provide consultations via skype, email or telephone.

 Consultancy, workshops, seminars and presentations

While targeted one-to-one work is a powerful method through which to help you or your organisation, we are able to support in many different ways through consultancy, workshops and presentations.  Like our one-to-one work, this support is always bespoke to your specific needs so please get in touch if you’d like more details or to discuss in more detail.

Observation and analysis of coaching practice

When working with coaches, we focus on the application of any learning to coaching practice.  One of the most powerful ways to support a coach in this way is to observe and analyse coaching practice in order to provide fresh perspectives and insights.  We have experience of working with coaches from a wide range of different sports and have utilised this methodology extensively to supportively engage coaches in reflective practice in order to accelerate learning and to ultimately optimise the coaching environment.